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mimik’s disruptive technology decentrelized the cloud by enabling all computing devices to act as servers to increase efficiency, processing power on edge while decreasing latency, cost and energy usage.


Develop applications faster and with lower cost of cloud

As an application-level engine, enabling you add server capability to any application or computing device by combining the benefits of the hybrid edgeCloud paltform.

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Access App

Discover, connect and communicate

mimik access is a mobile app that connects all your devices and your friend’s devices directly in order to make discovering, sharing and playing personal media simple and fun.

Pandimik App

Track safety of your workplace and community

Pandimik is world’s first anonymized infection tracing and positioning system and crisis communications and alert app – built on patented hybrid edge cloud computing platform from mimik.

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mimik edgesdk

FreeRTOS edge SDK

With mimik’s light-weight FreeRTOS edgeEngine, you can turn a static sensor to a two-way Dynamic Communication Device that can discover and interact directly with services around it. The communications are protected by mutual authentications utilizing the device client certificates.

Communicate with microcontroller at the edge to avoid the Data Avalanche Effect.

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